AP Calculus Summer Work (2018)


The goal of this summer work is to provide you with an overview of AP Calculus and to review essential topics you have already studied in high school.  You may consult with other people or resources while completing these assignments, but make sure you understand the material.

Some of these assignments must be completed online.  Let me know if you do not have access to the internet at home.

Some of the work requires a Texas Instruments graphing calculator.  It is recommended that you try to purchase a TI-84 Plus. (Check eBay or Amazon for used models).  Calculators will be issued on the first day of school to those students who do not have one.  Local libraries (Commerce and Nicholson) are also in the process of obtaining calculators for summer use.

All of the following assignments are due on the first day of school.

Assignment 1:  Sign up for Remind notifications.  You may text “ejapcalc” to 81010 or download the Remind app.  If you do not have a phone, you may use a parent’s cell number.  Please contact me if this is an issue.

Assignment 2:  Click here to answer questions about the AP Calculus Course Description.

Assignment 3: Go to khanacademy.org/coaches and use class code 8W27HDY5. An assignment will be posted here once students have registered.