Analytic Geometry EOCT Review

The following links provide practice on some of the topics covered by the Analytic Geometry EOCT.

Unit 1A Congruent Triangles

Unit 1A Congruent Triangles Proofs

Unit 1A More Congruent Triangle Proofs

Unit 1A Similar Triangles

Unit 1A Similar Triangle Proofs

Unit 1A Quadrilaterals

Unit 1B Constructions

Unit 1B Constructions (try #1, 3, 4)

Unit 1B Parallel Lines and Transversals

Unit 2 Right Triangle Word Problems

Unit 2 Special Right Triangles

Unit 2 Using your graphing calculator to solve trig problems

Unit 3A Circles and Chords

Unit 3A Circles and Tangents

Unit 3A Circles and Secants/Tangents

Unit 3B Circle Sectors

Unit 3B Perimeter and Circumference

Unit 3B Area

Unit 4A Polynomials (adding and subtracting)

Unit 4A Multiplying Monomials

Unit 4A Multiplying Binomials

Unit 4B Radicals

Unit 5A Solving Quadratics

Unit 5A More Solving Quadratics

Unit 5B Parabolas

Unit 6 Equations of Circles

Unit 7 Probability (and/or problems)

Unit 7 Probability


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