Movie and a Math Problem

In his next movie, Nicholas Cage is going to play a math teacher who through a strange turn of events, finds himself involved in an NSA operation.  At one point, he and three members of his team must cross a ravine on a rickety bridge that can only support two people at a time.  It is also completely dark, and his team only has one weak flashlight.  Cage’s character is named Caleb, and his team members are named Ben, Kyle, and Spencer.  Caleb can cross in 5 minutes, Ben can cross in 10 minutes, Kyle can cross in 20 minutes, and Spencer can cross in 25 minutes.  Because of the weak bridge and weak flashlight, only two people may cross at one time and they must travel at the speed of the slower partner.

They have one hour to cross the bridge before the bad guys overtake them.  Is this possible?  Explain how it is possible, or why it is NOT possible.

Hint:  It is possible.  Don’t stop until you find it.


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