Where’s the missing dollar?

This is an old problem…but here goes.

Three businessmen decide to save money on a business trip by sharing a hotel room.  The men are charged $30 for the room.  They each pay with a $10 bill and retire for the evening.  The hotel manager then notices that she should have only charged the men $25 for the room.  She gives the bellhop 5 one-dollar bills and gives him instructions to take the men the $5.  On the way to the room, the bellhop decides that he will help himself to a $2 tip.  (Five isn’t divisible by three anyway.)  He gives the remaining money to the men, and they each take $1.

At this point, the three men have each paid $9 for the room.  3x$9 = $27.  The bellhop has $2 in his pocket.  $27 +$2 = $29.

Where is the missing dollar?

Click here for link to a site that provides an explanation (after you’ve tried for a day or two to figure it out on your own, of course.)


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