The future of books?

What do you see in the following picture?


Looks like a book, doesn’t it?  Now look at the next picture.


I found this device amazing.  I think the designer’s intention was to make an editorial comment about the apparent impending demise of traditional books, but the design makes me wonder if there’s a market for computers that don’t look like computers.  Laptops are especially prized by thieves, particularly on college campuses.   What if your laptop was camouflaged as a biology textbook, or a lunch box, or…?  Seems to me it might cut down on a few thefts.

Related lifehack:  I recently read about a college student who bought a broken laptop from a pawn shop for about $25.  Every time he left his dorm room, he hid his other (expensive) laptop while leaving the cheap, useless one on his desk.  Sure enough, someone broke into his room and stole his roommate’s computer along with his decoy.  The thief, thinking he had easily made off with a couple of laptops, didn’t take time to look for the laptop that was hidden two feet away from the desk.


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