Belated Happy Birthday, Coach Keen!

Yesterday was Coach Jack Keen’s birthday.  Coach Keen was and is a tremendous influence on my life.  He is primarily responsible for my becoming a math teacher.  (He’s also responsible for “getting  crazy people out of  the basement”, the “Big Table” of trig ratios, and the emphasis on getting the exact answer.  Careless mistakes blow up rocket ships, you know.)


Some of his accomplishments include:

  • 45 years as a teacher of advanced mathematics, a coach, and an athletic director of high school wrestling, track, and cross country
  • coached 14 state championship teams, 15 state runner-up or third place teams, 111 individual state champions, 115 individual state runner-ups, over 250 individual state medal winners in boys track and field and boys cross country, and over 200 individual state medal winners in wrestling;
  • member of the Georgia High School Coaches Hall of Fame, the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, and the Georgia Track and Field Hall of Fame
  • STAR teacher 28 times in 42 years
  • taught Senator Johnny Isakson, former Senator Wyche Fowler, 1996 Olympic Head Billy Payne
  • recognized by the GA House of Representatives in 2008 for his coaching and teaching career ( is a copy of of this recognition as well as the source of the previously mentioned details).

 Happy 74th, Coach.  Praying that you have many more…


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