After the first weekend…

After two rounds of play, Tyson Beacham is in first place.  He correctly picked 15 of the 16 second round games along with Joe Echols, Coach Mason, Will Hayes, and Matthew Gulley.  Tyson has 55 points.  Joe and Coach Mason are close behind with 54 points.  Many of you still have all of your Elite Eight teams intact, so there’s a good chance the leaderboard will change this week.  UPDATED:  33 participants (56.9%) have all of their Elite Eight teams in the tournament.

Stats:  Tyson picked 40 of 48 games correctly (83.3%).  On average, all participants correctly  picked 35.1 of 48 games (73.1%).  The current top ten averaged 38.7 correct picks (80.6%).

People not in the current top 10 to watch:  Jesse Logan (highest rank picking Memphis), Matthew Gulley (highest rank only one picking Kansas), and David Mann (highest rank picking Duke).

People who have no chance at winning:  Now that would be mean.  You know who you are.


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