UGA Library



I hope my AP Calculus class is enjoying their field trip to the UGA library.  I spent many an hour in that building researching such interesting topics as Ralph Waldo Emerson’s view of God, man, and self, and the symbolism of the old white horse in T.S. Eliot’s “Journey of the Magi”.  I eventually found the Science library at UGA.  Now THAT is a library.  There is an entire floor of the building dedicated to mathematics.  But, I digress…

Here’s the deal:  the first person in our class to e-mail/send/communicate the correct answer to the problem below will receive six extra-credit points added to the last test.  The second person will receive five points, the third person four, and so on.  I must receive the correct answer before 3:15 P.M. today.

PROBLEM:  Find the slope of the line normal to g(x) = sin-1(x) at x = -0.5

 (You do have your calculator with you today, don’t you?  If not, be creative.  No work is required.  You can e-mail your answer if you wish.)












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