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  • An athletic field is a rectangle, 100 yd by 40 yd, with a semicircle at each of the short sides.  A running track 10 yd wide surrounds the field.  Find the perimeter of the outside of the running track to the nearest tenth of a yard.


  • Follow-up:  How much farther would a jogger running on the outside edge of the track run in one lap than a jogger running on the inside edge of the track?  

  • The first two people in Precalculus and AP Calculus to e-mail the correct answers to the questions above will receive extra-credit on a future test or quiz.  Condition:  Correct work for each problem must be turned in before homeroom on the next school day.  

  • Is it impossible to fold a sheet of paper more than 7 or 8 times?  Apparently if you use the right kind of toilet paper… 

  • Wholesale plastic cutlery







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