Olympic Medal Count

Updated list…

Olympic math question that I’m pondering:  How many total medals will be awarded?  The answer to this question doesn’t easily fall (even to Google).  My initial guess was about 1000.  Wikipedia (not always accurate) states that there are 302 events in 28 sports.  3 x 302 = 906?  Not quite.  Some events apparently give more than one bronze medal per weight class.  Additionally, depending on how you view my question, should the six silver medals awarded to the U.S. ladies’ gymnastics team be counted separately?  In other words, should we count each medal awarded to each member of a qualifying team?  It appears we should.  I’d be interested in hearing your suggestions on how to proceed.  Does anyone have an educated estimate based on the information you’ve just seen?

Click here if you’d like to know the “answer”, but why not give your best attempt first?


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