Extra Credit

This assignment is due by Thursday morning during homeroom, and could be worth as much as ten extra-credit points if your work is excellent. Choose one of the articles from one of the sites given at the bottom of this post. The articles must be at least one page long when printed. (If you have trouble finding one that long, you may choose two shorter articles.) Write at least two paragraphs about your article. At least one paragraph should be a summary, and at least one paragraph should be 1) your original ideas/applications of the article’s content, OR 2) a summary of one of the sources listed in the article’s bibliography. Please type your summary, and please note that two paragraphs is my minimum requirement for this assignment. As usual, you are encouraged to avoid plagiarism, spelling errors, and grammatical errors. Staple a copy of the article to the back of your summary.

Please avoid using an article in which the majority of the content is not in keeping with a Biblical worldview.

Exciting articles written by Ivars Peterson

More excitement from Ivars

Compelling articles authored by Keith Devlin


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