Are you having fun?


I hope you’re reading this while you’re at the UGA library today.  After all, there have to be several computers in the UGA library available to the general public that have internet access . 

Here’s the deal:  the first person in our class to e-mail/send/communicate the correct answer to this problem will receive five extra-credit points added to the last test.  I must receive the correct answer before 3:15 P.M. today.

Have a great time the rest of the day, and BTW, there are supposed to be other extra-credit problems scattered around the UGA library today.

On a completely different note (heh heh), I thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas for the Family program last night.  Each of you who participated did a great job.  Mrs. Jones also sang marvelously, don’t you think?  (Why wasn’t I asked to sing last night?  Oh, well.)

In fairness to Mrs. Raines, since I’m encouraging math on a day that is supposed to be dedicated to Literature, I present the irony of the day:  the spell-check software that this blog uses does not recognize the word “internet” or the word “blog”.   (Upon further investigation, it did recognize “Internet”, but insisted on the capitalization.  However, it still does not recognize “blog”.)  As a test, I copied and pasted all preceding comments onto MSWord.  Its spell-check feature recognized “internet”, but not “blog”.


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