Thank you for your cooperation.

Hopefully, my voice will return by our next class.  Thanks for your hard work today in class despite my silence.  If any of you have questions about your test, please save them for a time when we can meet.  I will be happy to schedule help classes before school, 5th period, etc., as soon as my voice returns.

After discussing the test, you were encouraged to review p. 192, #15-20, 38-42 (previously assigned), as well as #21-24, 35-37 on the same page.  We will (hopefully) go over these problems during our next class.

Have a great time at the UGA library tomorrow.  Remember your Calculus 2nd quarter exam is scheduled for next Tuesday at 8:15 A.M.

Another plug for Thursday and Friday night’s meteor shower:    I saw a meteor last night while taking out the trash.  To me, there’s something incredibly awe inspiring about seeing comet (or asteroid?) debris traveling around 20 miles per second as it silently burns out of existence.  Start looking on your way home from the ACS Christmas for the Family program (tonight, 7:30 in the Drama Center).


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