Just a reminder that you have a test on Wednesday, December 12th, and an exam on Tuesday, December 18th.  The test will primarily cover sections 3.7, 3.9, 4.1, and 4.2 from your textbook.  You are encouraged to look at these sections tonight so that you can ask good questions during tomorrow’s review.  You can also refer back to previous posts for additional practice problems/review.

BTW, any extra credit problems must be turned in by the exam.  I’ll try to distribute a few more of these this week.

Today’s topics:  Continued coverage of antidifferentiation and an important concept called THE Mean Value Theorem.  Homework:  page 192, #15-20, 31-34 all.

Just in case you overlooked this link earlier:  ACS Mousetrap Races.  I had intended to take my Physics class to see this live, but forgot.  Oops.


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