Busy times…

We had a good day of working through some implicit differentiation problems from your homework.  Rumors are swirling about a possible quiz, and seeing as how I’m the one starting those rumors… This is a copy of a quiz that I gave last year.  It also covered the chain rule on explicit functions.

Tomorrow, I hope to return the retest, but since we have basketball games tonight, I will be a little pushed for time.  I may have to return them later in the day (after 4th period), but I will make every effort for you to see those grades tomorrow. 

The topic for tomorrow and the rest of the week will be derivatives of exponential and logarithmic functions.  (The link is to an intro site on the topic.  You might want to look at it, but it’s not as good as some of the other descriptions on the same site.) We are moving rapidly.  Please do not fall behind.  Come see me and set up help classes if you are feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, scared, etc.


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