Hidden in plain sight…

 What, after all, is mathematics but the poetry of the mind, and what is poetry but the mathematics of the heart?

~David Eugene Smith

Those extra-credit problems are out there, and somebody (somebodies?) is finding them.  However, there are more problems out there than have been completed and given to me.

Calculus test retake tomorrow.  Well, I’m not sure that we should try to cram the test into a twenty-five minute time frame, so…the retake will be given on Monday.

We reviewed implicit differentiation today.  P. 155-156 #9-29 odd are due for tomorrow.  If you have the time, continue working on #31-35 odd, #41-45 all.  What you don’t finish tonight and tomorrow during class must be completed by class on Tuesday, 11/27/2007.

Another application of mathematics to football:  Should teams punt on fourth down?  Statistical analysis demonstrates that in the overwhelming majority of cases, the reward of going for it on fourth down outweighs the risk.  This team put the theory into practice this year, and they finished the season with a record of…


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