Technical difficulties

I had no internet connection at school or at home yesterday, so obviously, I couldn’t publish a post yesterday.  Hopefully, today will be an improvement.

We introduced implicit differentiation today.  Handout.  We were working on page 155, #34 and #36 when class ended.  We will try to finish discussing implicit differentiation during the two days prior to Thanksgiving holidays.

We will have a test on Tuesday.  The emphasis will be on sections 3.1-3.6 in your textbook.  Page 172, #1-11 have already been assigned for Monday as a review.  Other problems of interest are on page 173-174, #53-58, 70-73, 76.  I will try to post additional practice problems on this site this weekend if I can access it from home.  Send suggestions for topics you would like to see addressed in such problems.

Apparently, this dog knows calculus.  Unfortunately, even though his answers are correct, he has a difficult time providing appropriate justification.


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