Football play (Your basic tetradecareverse)

Today in class we: 

1)  Discussed last night’s homework

2)  Discussed average velocity and average acceleration before showing that instantaneous velocity is the derivative of a position function [v(t) = s'(t), where s(t) is the position function, and acceleration is the derivative of the velocity function [a(t) = v'(t)].  The previous statement is a little oversimplified, but… 

3)  We worked through problem 1a) through 1d) on page 129.  No homework was assigned.  

4)  Took the Quick Review quiz over section 3.3.

A quiz over derivatives of trig functions will take place tomorrow.  See yesterday’s post for practice problems or click here for some different ones (with solutions).  Some of you have had problems coming up with equations of tangent lines.  Problem 16 on this site would be especially good practice  We will also continue our discussion of velocity/acceleration tomorrow.

Physics Class:  You have a test on Friday.  We will discuss the practice test on Thursday.  Please remember your video project (signed parent slip due tomorrow). 


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