Crazy Tie Day

 Math Cartoons

Some of you have papers to be signed by a parent.  Please have these on Monday. 

Quick Review Quiz 3.1 was returned.  Pay particular attention to the justifications on 3c and 3d.  Remember QR3.3 will occur on Tuesday.  QR3.1 Selected Solutions 

We discussed the homework from last night including the derivatives of y = secx and y = cotx.  Remember to memorize the derivatives of the six basic trig functions and be able to demonstrate.

The quiz today was over the product and chain rule (nothing involving trig).  If you missed the quiz due to absence, it is waiting for you in the library.

Homework:  page 140 #11-13, 17-20 (will be checked on Monday)  Practice problems with solutions.    More.


Have a great weekend.  Go Dawgs!


3 thoughts on “Crazy Tie Day

  1. dear mr. mealor,

    i am having some problems understanding how to find an equation of a line to the tangent of a graph. (like the questions on P. 120 #27-30) i would appreciate any help in this area.


  2. I don’t have a textbook with me at the moment, but in general, find the slope by finding a derivative and substituting the value for x. Then find a point by plugging the x-value in the original function (Your answer is the y-value of your point; the x-coordinate is the value you are substituting). Then plug into the point-slope formula. y-y1 = m(x-x1)

    Hope this helps. If not, ask me in homeroom tomorrow.

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