Well, should we try this…?

I only received two written responses last night.  (Thank you, Joey and Whitney.)  However, there were 19 hits on the blog since yesterday.  So, did some of you look at the page but forget to write?   Please send me an e-mail or leave a comment if you are in AP Calculus and you are reading this.  Also, I need feedback as to what kind of material you could best use from this site.

In class today, we covered the derivatives of trig functions (which you should memorize.)    Be able to present a verification of the derivative for each of the six basic trig functions.  For an excellent review of the new material from today’s class, click here.  

The homework for tonight is page 140, #1-10 as well as finishing the derivatives of y=secx and y=cotx.  There will be a quiz tomorrow over the product rule and quotient rule.

BTW, we temporarily skipped section 3.4 in your textbook.  We will return to it later.

The next Quick Review quiz will be Tuesday over QR 3.3.  Please remind me to return this week’s QR quiz tomorrow.  I’ve had these graded for a couple of days, but keep forgetting to return them.  (Congratulations, Jenny, on being the only one to correctly solve the bonus question!)


5 thoughts on “Well, should we try this…?

  1. I think this is a great idea, and the material included on this page is exactly the kind of stuff that will help us as a class as long as we utilize this site.
    Thank you so much for making an effort to help us even more to understand these concepts. :)

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