AP Statistics-Types of Tests Practice

Click here for practice. You will want to make sure that Prediction for a Single y… and ANOVA are unchecked. We haven’t discussed those this year.


Should I use paired-t test or two sample t-test for difference of means?

mean psychology

To help decide between one sample and two sample t procedures, students should ask themselves:

  • How many samples do I have?

    • 0ne (paired-t test)

    • Two. (two-sample t-test for difference of means. Probably.) Watch out for two samples that pair individuals.

  • Can any piece of data in the first group be compared to any piece of data in the second?

    • Yes. (two-sample t-test for difference of means)

    • No, they must stay in pairs. (paired-t test)

  • Do they reference pairing the data?

    • Yes. (paired t-test)

    • No. (two-sample t-test for difference of means)

[Source: statsmedic.com]

The Signal and the Noise…

…by Nate Silver

signal noise

Nate Silver is perhaps best known for his website fivethirtyeight.com in which he uses probabalistic methods to forecast and comment about sports, politics, societal trends, etc.  He began his work around 2003 by analyzing baseball statistics and developing tools for evaluating players. He perhaps became best known for correctly predicting outcomes in the 2008 presidential election. His book, The Signal and the Noise, summarizes his history and approach. The title comes from the current issue of separating the useful data (the signal) from the overwhelming deluge of data (the noise) we as a culture generate continuously. AP Statistics students and teachers alike would benefit from reading this book as it explains, illustrates, and extends course material.